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Get FIT feel better, more time and less stress

Getting FITTM with neustar means exactly that. More time to spend dealing with real issues rather than wading through the confusion.

FITTM means Facilities Information Technology. A suite of tools and services created by neustar to make your life that much easier.

Historically, Facilities Departments have not been well served by in-house IT Departments

This is understandable as Business Managers perceive both Facilities and IT departments as an overhead. Resourcing in both these areas can be pretty spartan at times.

So how do get more out of your already overworked Facilities Staff?

Give them the tools.


Lök8TM is like GPS for your Building or Buildings.

The purpose of Lök8TM is to enable you to quickly find people, places and things on a CAD representation of the building, or query an object on a drawing and find out all about it.

That object could be a desk, person, key, camera, fan coil, data point, risers...... The list goes on an on..

So how might Lök8TM be used?

Here are some all too familiar examples of how Lok8 has save time (money and man-hours):

The Company Postman
John the internal Postman is ill. The Temp Agency has very kindly send a 17 year old school leaver. He has a pile of post that is 3 feet high, and a 500 'seater' building in which to quickly find everyone and deliver their mail. Lök8 solves that problem. He uses Lök8 to find the recipient, record the desk position on the envelope, then sorts his post by desk number. He uses Lök8 to find the exact location of any desk within the building. Lök8TM is available via a WWW browser, so he can use any machine in the building to find out what he needs to know.

The Lifts are broken
Two Otis engineers arrive on site to service the Lifts following an incident. Where are the lift lobby keys? What are their key numbers? Nobody knows. 
I have a box of 250 keys and between 4 people all of the keys are tried. Two hours later, the right key still cannot be found. Why? Because the lock was so new and stiff,  the correct key had in fact been tried twice already but nobody realised. The whole operation took 8 man hours, frustrated the entire population of the building, and cost in excess of £1,000, before the Otis Engineers could get to work on fixing the problems. Lök8 will tell you what the key number is and who has been issued with that key. A simple solution, saving £1,000, 8 man hours and a lot of stress.

I'm expanding my department
Howard, Director of Commercial Affairs is expanding his department by 22 people, for a period of 3 months. Howard is not a reasonable man and like all 'high power Execs' he won't rest until he gets his own way. There are 2,000 people in your building and Howard insists that his 22 temporary recruits MUST reside in his departmental space. Your job is to accommodate them. This will create 'Churn' and could involve reseating 50 people to accommodate Howard's demands. Being the good Corporate citizen, you agree to facilitate the request, but this is not a five minute job, if things are to go smoothly. If you want to shave hours or potentially days off of this exercise, you will need to know exactly who sits where, departmental geographical groupings (eg: Desk 100 and 250 are five feet apart), which services need to be moved and exactly where your spare desks are. You need Lök8, simply because it WILL save you hours. In fact,  Lök8  will tell you who is a member of which department, where they are located and how much office space is consumed by each department. Very useful, especially if you employ a departmental cross-charge for accommodation.

Why don't you road test Lök8 for yourself. simply drop and Email to info@neustar.ltd.uk and we will provide you with a username and password to Lök8 Express on the Web... Click here.....

Lök8 is a service offering born out of our own experiences, which enables you to find people, objects and things that are important to you, within the context of your role. Which means that Lök8 is built around your needs. Lök8  is a service offering, which means to get Lök8 you don't have to do anything other than buy the service and we do the rest. 

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  • Fully managed service from data collection to Lök8 system provisioning. You can do as much or as little as you wish.

  • Built around your own specific needs and requirements.

  • Browser Access for ease and simplicity.

  • SSL option for both LAN and Internet hosted solutions.

  • Individual user account  of multi-level generic account options,

  • High degree of Access Control, which means that we can control what people see down to field level (ie: you don't want to disseminate sensitive security or HR information to the wrong people)

  • 'Black Box' option for LAN hosting.

  • WWW options for external hosting.

  • Automatic synchronization between Lök8TM servers to provide local services to multiple sites.

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