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IT Solution Engineering

A clear understanding of the problem and the goals, coupled with a little insight is a good recipe for success.

We thrive on problem solving and developing robust solutions to meet the desired objectives. We pride ourselves on our innovative and practical approach to problem solving and our ability to do the 'joined-up-thinking', something that is often missing.

We have a broad range of experience from a diverse set of challenges and industry sectors; from Positron Emission Tomography to Forensic Science, Fuels to Healthcare and Investment Banking to the Arts.

We've had opportunities to work with and develop solutions for a wide range of disciplines in both the public and private sector. And we bring the benefit if that experience to you.

Aside from our everyday infrastructure development and consulting work, here are two examples of popular projects are:

Systems Footprint Rationalization

The prices of computer hardware continues to fall, whilst capabilities continue to increase. We are entering the multi-core processor revolution. By 2012 we are likely to see 48 core CPUs in the field. Today, we're still seeing a "1 box per application" approach to building business systems and infrastructures, despite the hardware on average being less than 12 - 15% utilized.

Three opportunities present themselves.

The opportunity to

  • reduce maintenance, power consumption, heat load (carbon footprint) and therefore running costs. 

  • rationalize the hardware footprint, consolidate computer rooms or data centre space.

  • introduce a business continuity philosophy as a natural by-product of rationalization.

The philosophy of virtualization creates opportunities to enhance business resilience; you get significantly more for less.

Mobile Communications

The convergence of Voice, Video and Data is firmly underway and yet, there is still a long way to go.

VOIP is now considered to be the norm' for most new voice installations but dial-tone devices, such as the trusty mobile telephone, continue to evade true business integration, in terms of connectivity and cost. Not any more.

Mobile telephony and computing (email/web/application access) are now at the core of business communications. Hot-Desk and Tele-working are normal for a flexible work-force.

Managing customer expectation, when transferring critical calls to your mobile workforce is generally a hit and miss affair. Understanding the real-time status of your unwired workforce assists you to control the incidents of missed and returned calls, control costs and manage your customer relationships.

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