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Take the office to your project and get the team working together ...

We might not be able to change the way you work but we can change how you communicate.  Refresh your team with a unique on-site collaboration tool.

  • Connect to the Internet with confidence and the added benefit of industry standard Internet firewall and anti-virus protection.
  • Make it easy to store, share, organise and retrieve project files, on- site.
  • Print, fax and scan documents.
  • Send and receive emails, without the usual size restrictions, through a dedicated project email server.

Introducing a superb condensed site office solution.

So what does a dehydrated office give you?

Access to the internet:
  Internet access is the essential business tool, which gives you remote access capability, to your own Corporate Email and Business Systems and Web bases resources if required. 
Speeds of 56kbps (dial-up) to 6mbps (ADSL & SDSL), depending on the location of the Project's site.
Internet firewall:
  Keep intruders out with Cisco's PIX technology. An  essential Security component to protect you and your project, from the outside world.
Local Area Network:
  We provide two methods to connect to your dehydrated office and the internet.  Both methods are LAN connections which can be 'wired' or 'wireless' to provide the flexibility to keep your Project Team well connected. 
  Yet again, another security measure keeps your project running smoothly. Dehydrated Office uses industry leading Anti-Virus technologies to  keeps your Emails, Files, Web browsing and PC Workstations (including portables) safe.
Project eMail:
  Local eMail services keeps 'intra-Project' communications flowing. The benefit of a local eMail server is that there are no email size limits. This means that you can eMail large documents and media files to each member of the project team without the risk of the 'This is TOO BIG' delivery failure message. If it's an important document, it's 'zipped' up as small as you can get it, how else can you get it to the person who needs it? Dehydrated office provides a number of solutions to this problem, including 'workflow' collaboration tools for 'Off-site' project members.  You may all work for the same Project Team, but we don't assume you all work for the same Organisation.
  Whether you choose to connect your own machines or order pre-configured machines with your Dehydrated Office, there are a variety of collaboration options open to you.  We provide the tools to enable you to organise the way you work and keep your project data portable, so it doesn't really matter where you work, just as long as you can.
We will assist you to set-up your project filing structure, organise your security, to prevent information from being viewed or modified by the wrong people.  And where security requirements are high, provide methods of strict access control and encryption.
Off site backup and DR:
  Whilst the system may be secure, we don't assume the site is.  Your dehydrated office may be locked away and bolted to the floor (optional motion sensing alarm), a determined midnight 'visitor' may indeed succeed in running off with all of your data.  Dehydrated office employs encryption to  protect your data from unauthorized scrutiny and can also replicate with other Dehydrated Offices to provide operational resilience and true inter-site collaboration.
Scan, Print & Fax:
  No dehydrated would be complete without a shared Printer and Fax machine. There are even occasions where you may need to scan a document or drawing for emailing to inclusion in a report. 
Protected Power:
  Every dehydrated office comes equipped with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), to smooth out 'wrinkles' in the power. If you're working in a 'Portacabin', it's not uncommon for you to be accidentally unplugged.  Dehydrated office and it's portable PC clients done even notice 'power blips' and continue totally unaffected.

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